Commission-free direct reservations thanks to Cubilis Booking Engine

Connect Bookingplanner to Cubilis Booking Engine and receive your direct reservations on your planboard in Bookingplanner (Cubilis Channel Manager is required). 

Cubilis Booking Engine is a reservation system that is integrated in your own website. By using a personal reservation system your guests can book a room on your website and you will not have to pay commission costs for those reservations. This offers you the possibility to put the price of your own booking engine lower than those on your other booking sites. This stimulates your clients to book on your website because the price of your booking engine is the cheapest. 

You can also change to colors of the Cubilis Booking Engine. This way you can modify the booking engine so that it fits with the colors of your property. Also by adding photos of your property guests will be more stimulated to book a room. 

Booking Engine

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