Channel Manager

Manage your online booking sites on one central dashboard

Add, next to the manual reservations that are done by phone or by e-mail, reservations in Bookingplanner that are processed via your online booking sites (OTAs). This can be done manually on one hand, and automatically on the other, thanks to the connection with Cubilis Channel Manager.


Cubilis Channel Manager handles the management of all your booking sites and also the management of the Cubilis Booking Engine. If you have a walk-in and you make a new reservation in Bookingplanner, the availability will automatically change on all your booking sites thanks to the connection with Cubilis Channel Manager.

Thanks to this connection the management of your booking sites almost goes entirly automatic. You do not have to work on different extranets anymore. You can change everything in Cubilis Channel Manager and afterwards you receive all the reservations in Bookingplanner.

Change prices and availability